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Plano, TX

Whether it's a concert grand or a smaller upright, your piano is a mainstay of your home and your social circle. You've practiced hours on it to hone your craft, reading sheet music and listening to your preferred pieces over and over to get those arpeggios and key changes just right. And of course, now that you've got your new place, you want to bring it along! But what's the best way to get it to where it needs to be in one piece?

Piano movers, of course! Pianos are delicate musical instruments, despite their occasionally large size, and need to be treated gently and carefully to preserve their tuning, dampers, soundboards, strings, and hammers. You work hard to keep your piano in good condition, so we'll do the same!

We carefully plan out our teams and routes so that your piano is safely moved. As pianos can weigh well over 300 pounds, sometimes even over 1,000 pounds, and that means extra people. Never do we have only one or two people for moving this marvelous instrument! We'll lock down all lids, so that nothing comes loose or gets knocked around, and wrap the piano in moving blankets to keep it from getting scratched or damaged while being moved.

Most pianos need to be moved on dollies or skid boards, due to their heavy weights and unusual shapes. Putting too much pressure on one part of a piano can lead to stresses and splintering! We never use gravity to do our work, but use manpower and safe moving techniques to keep your piano from being dropped or broken.

So if you need piano movers to keep your instrument perfect during the big move, then give Red Ants Moving Service, Inc., a call! We'll be happy to keep the music flowing, from your old place to your new one, by keeping your piano safe and secure during the shift!