Commercial Moving Company

Celina, TX

The new office building is ready for business! What a beauty it is! It has everything you need for your grand re-opening and all the subsequent business that comes with a shiny, new location. The lights are on, the air conditioner is keeping it nice and cool, the floors are cleaned and waxed, and the workers are ready to start, but there's just one problem: none of the equipment or merchandise has been moved!

A savvy business owner knows the importance of getting everything from the old location to the new location quickly, safely, and efficiently, and that the best way to do that is to hire a commercial moving company. Whether you have a big business with lots of shelving and catalogs of merchandise or a smaller business with just a few computers, phones, and desks, we can get it taken care of in no time, from the sales floor to the truck and the new location, so you can set up immediately!

We know that you want to get back to work quickly: every day lost on transport and moving is a day that you're thinking about losing money! That's why we work so quickly, because it's important not to take any more time off than needed. We know how to handle merchandise, storage units, small and large electronics, and everything else your business may use to keep track of services, client information, or stock. We can even help you pack it up into safe, sturdy boxes and transport units so that you know that your investments are safe and sound for the entire journey!

There's no reason to do it piece by piece or to take hours of your own time to manage your moving. Just call Red Ants Moving Service, Inc., your friendly commercial moving company, and have it taken care of for good!